Enhancing Strength of Steel.

Ferro Alloys

Ferro Titanium

Ferrotitanium(Fe-Ti) is a Ferro Alloy of Ti and is available in many grades, but the most common grades contains 30% to 75% Ti. Fe-Ti may contain a small amount of C. Since the main use of Ti is as a cleansing agent for S, C, 0 and N, hence Fe-Ti with the lowest possible content of these elements is preferred for steelmaking. Fe-Ti with 70% Ti & 30% Fe falls at the eutectic point of the system, with a melting point of 1085 deg C. It is known as eutectic Fe┬ČTi. As this is well below steel making temperatures, the ferro alloy melts, which is far quicker than the dissolution required for metallic Ti to enter the steel. It is for this reason that eutectic Fe-Ti is the preferred analysis for use in steel making.

Ferro Aluminium

Aluminium(Al) isused for deoxidizing and grain refining in steels. It is a strong deoxidizer. It is also used as nitride former and as an alloying agent. Its ability to scavenge nitrogen(N) from steel makes it a useful addition in drawing quality steels, especially for automotive applicalions. Aluminum(Al) is being used as a deoxidizing for more than 100 years. Deoxidation of steel with Al is common practice today. Al plays an important role in secondary metallurgy. It forms aluminium oxide or alumina(Al203) and decreases the amount of oxygen in the steel during the production of killed steels. Al is also added as Ferro-aluminium which is a dense and highly efficient form of aluminium addition. Ferro-aluminium contains 30% to 70% Al and normally added in lump form.

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